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Welcome to Elite VA

Online Business Management and VA Services for Heart-Centred Female Entrepreneurs

Is this you?

  • You have a strong desire to get your message out to the world and touch as many people as you can with your product or service… 

But…you are feeling overwhelmed with all the ‘noise’ in the online world, stuck in the comparison trap, thinking you will never achieve those big vision goals!

  • You dream of freedom and flexibility so you can live the life you desire… 

But…you are overwhelmed with your ‘to do lists’, you are putting the hours in to gain the success within your business but you are not seeing the results

  • You are looking to uplevel your life and business, focusing only on what you do best supporting your clients…

But…you have no idea how to put the systems in place to support your business such as automation and standard operating procedures. You spend the majority of your day working ‘in the business’ doing those tasks that don’t inspire or excite you!

  • You have a strong passion to achieve such greatness in your business…

But… you don’t know how!

If any of the above resonates with you… You’re in the right place! 

Welcome to Elite VA!

Elite VA is an OBM/VA business supporting heart-centred female entrepreneurs

acting as a stakeholder within their business, offering guidance, support and the strategy and implementation required to assist you in achieving real greatness in your life and business, allowing you to focus only on what you love.

Elite VA Limited is led by Lynsey Cowan, and supported by Operations Manager, Lesley Mullarkey and our team of VAs

Elite VA was established by founder Lynsey Cowan in November 2014 and has gone from strength to strength supporting hundreds of female entrepreneurs 


We absolutely love all things tech including automation and implementation, list-building activities, building standard operating procedures allowing us to manage the business for clients. For more information on the services and packages we provide click here.


Rebecca Campbell - Best-selling Hay House Author, Oracle Creator & Creative Director

Lynsey has been such an amazing support for my team for the past four years. She is dependable, reliable, flexible and a real delight to work with.

Ruth Kudzi - Business mentor, mindset coach and best selling author

Lynsey is a breath of fresh air. She takes the headache out of tech and her upbeat, can-do attitude means she is a pleasure to work with. 

I have recommended her to all my clients and even use her tech expertise in some of my programs. I can’t recommend her enough.

Anne-Louise Harbutt - Intuitive Transformational Coach

Lynsey has been working in my business for about 2 years now and wow, the difference she has made is incredible. 

Her depth of understanding around the tech side of my business is amazing.

Emma Dempsey, Coach

Lynsey has freed up my time to upscale my business and has taken on the tasks that need to be done in order for this to happen. She has automated my website, integrated Calendly and Zoom, added PayPal buttons, created editable PDFs for my online programmes, created the process of booking in to my online programmes and helped with the programmes themselves. 

She never seems to get flustered and has a lovely calming way about her that allows me to trust that she is just getting on with everything while I focus on the bits that I love.

Linda Thomson

In a one-day strategy planning session, I was able to cut through the overwhelm, get clarity on my Business idea, my vision, my perfect client and even my core Branding – and subsequently arrive at a set of goals to be implemented in the coming 90 days.

Even better, by the time I reached home, all of the ‘tasks’ had been entered into a detailed project plan – which now sends me prompts and reminders to ensure that I stay focused. I’m inclined to say that I have probably achieved more in the last 2 weeks than I have in the last 2 months. 

 Thanks Lynsey, had it not been for you, I’m sure I’d still be in the ‘procrastination zone’.